Rose growing is a life of learning from our mentors. More often than not, the simple things are the best.

One of these simple things came to me while watching a friend pull weeds from his potted roses. He used a 12" stainless steel tweezers. I was amazed how easily he plucked weeds near thorny canes that normally stick into your fingers.

With my tweezers, I pick up cane prunings that fall beyond my reach, scratch and mix granular fertilizers around plants, remove damaged leaves from canes, and even pluck those nasty Japanese beetles out of blooms.

I keep one in each of my greenhouses, one at work to remove paper from jammed printers, and one in the workshop to pick up dropped items.

The Garden Tweezer is perfect for everyday rose and garden tasks:

Try a trick from a mentor and order your Garden Tweezer today. I ship every order myself from Wisconsin.

— Steve Singer, Wisconsin Roses


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